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Wonderful solution for marriage: Australian woman hugging men and women for being Corona positive, the reason will surprise

Melbourne4 minutes ago

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Efforts are being made all over the world to deal with the corona virus. People are spending time indoors, restaurants and hotels are closed and governments are preventing people from going on holidays. But a soon-to-be bride in Australia has come up with a unique approach to dealing with COVID-19.

Intended in the video
According to media reports, Maddie Smart has posted a video on Tik Tok in which she is seen hugging men and women in a nightclub in Melbourne. She is trying to be corona positive. They believe that if she gets infected now, then there will be no risk of infection till the day of the wedding.

The video was shot before Australia’s Victoria State ordered the closure of all indoor dance floors from January 12 due to the Omicron variant.

Leftover glass also exchanged with others
According to the report of the New York Post, the title of the 15-second video posted on Tiktok is, ‘Catch Kovid Not Feelings’. During this, in the video, Maddie Smart can also be seen exchanging her shoe glasses with other people. Maddie Smart says in the video, ‘You have six weeks left in your marriage and you haven’t got Kovid yet.’ Although Tiktok is banned in India, it is being used in many countries.

The number of infected increased in Australia
The stringent lockdown at the beginning of the corona epidemic in Australia prevented the infection from spreading. But now Australia is battling the havoc of Corona. The number of people who have tested positive across the country has crossed 10 lakh. Half of these people have been infected in the last two weeks. Due to this, the pressure on hospitals has increased and the supply chain has also been disturbed. Due to the increasing number of patients in hospitals, the authorities have had to implement restrictions in many states.

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