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Who will take the Queen’s throne: After the death of the King of South Africa, six wives and 28 sons and daughters staked claim for succession

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  • Who Will Take Over The Queen’s Throne After The Death Of The King Of South Africa, Six Wives And 28 Sons And Daughters Staked Claim For Succession

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After the death of the King, the Queen is engaged in a legal battle for the Empire. It is almost a year, but the decision has not been made yet.

After the death of the ancient tribe of South Africa, the Zulu King, a legal battle has started for the succession among its six queens. The Queen, a widow of the King, claimed that their marriage was legally valid, known as a civil marriage. They claim that the remaining 5 queens of the king were married according to traditional customs. First Queen Sibangil Dlamini has sought half of the royal inheritance in Pietermaritzburg, the capital of South Africa’s eastern KwaZulu-Natal province. The coronation has not yet taken place on the vacant throne.

Two daughters of the queen are also asking for a share in the will
Queen Sibangil’s two daughters Princess Natombijosuthu and Nathandoyankosi have claimed their respective shares in the will. They are also in the race for the throne.

King died last year, 28 children were left
King Goodwill Jwelithini died last March at the age of 72 after 50 years on the throne, leaving behind six wives and at least 28 children.
The third queen was made guardian of 1.1 crore Julu people
In his will, the king appointed his favorite third queen, Shiawe Mantfombi Dlamini, as the protector of more than 11 million Zulu tribes. The Zulu make up about a fifth of the population of South Africa.

Dozens of Zulu warriors dressed in animal skins and wearing shields and spears protested outside the courtyard on Tuesday, singing traditional songs.

Dozens of Zulu warriors dressed in animal skins and wearing shields and spears protested outside the courtyard on Tuesday, singing traditional songs.

A month after King’s death, third wife died
His third wife, Shiawe, died suddenly in April, just a month after Raja’s death. He nominated his 47-year-old son Misuzulu Zulu to the throne in his will. Misuzulu did not attend Tuesday’s hearing.

The first wife told her strong side in the court
During the hearing, the counsel for Queen Sibangil Dlamini, the king’s first wife, asked the court, “Does a civil marriage prevent a customary marriage from reaching power?” Judge Isaac Madondo also held that the case illustrates a legal conflict between civil law and customs law.

Zulu King had thousands of hectares of land and many palaces
Although the Zulu King had no executive power, he had great moral influence on his subjects. The Qing owned thousands of hectares of land as well as many palaces and other properties.

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