Video: Woman Seen Smacking Papayas After Fruit Vendor’s Cart Hits Her Car

It is not clear the extent of loss the vendor suffered

Bhopal/New Delhi:

A visibly furious woman was seen smacking one papaya after another on the road after a poor vendor’s fruit-laden cart bumped against her car in Madhya’s Pradesh’s Bhopal.

The incident, reported from Bhopal’s Ayodhya Nagar, is four days old, but is now in news after it was widely circulated on social media.

The woman, dressed in a salwar suit and who reports say is a professor at a private university in the city, ignores the man’s plea for mercy and goes about throwing papayas on the road unchecked. Some ripe papayas burst open upon hitting the hard surface.

A motorcycle and a car passed by but nothing stopped the woman from the demolition task that she took upon herself to avenge the alleged loss.

Upon being told by some passers-by that she is not wearing a mask, she argues that she had just come down from her building and was trying to stop the man. She also shows the dent on her car, insisting that the fruit vendor was at fault.

It is not clear the extent of loss the vendor suffered and if he has filed any case against the woman.

There has been no word on the incident from the authorities.


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