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Uncle was brutally murdered by locking the aunt in the room: the nephew drank alcohol together, when there was a dispute, he was beaten to death with a rod

Rajsamand8 minutes ago

A nephew killed his own uncle by locking the aunt in the room. The nephew drank alcohol sitting with his uncle in the night and when the dispute escalated, he killed the uncle by beating him with a bar. The case pertains to Aret under Kelwara police station area of ​​Rajsamand.

The uncle was beaten with a rod so much that the arms and legs were broken.
The nephew beat the uncle so much with a bar that he broke his arms and legs. After this he locked the uncle in a room in a bloody condition. The aunt, who had come to intervene during the quarrel, was also locked by the accused in another room. Neighbors opened the door on the aunt’s shout in the morning. Uncle had died due to excessive bleeding. The police has handed over the body to the relatives after conducting a post-mortem. Kumbhalgarh Deputy SP Naresh Kumar Sharma also inspected the spot.

After killing the uncle also locked the uncle in another room and escaped.
According to Kelwara police station in-charge Praveen Tank, uncle Ghisa Ram (50) and his real nephew Kishan Gameti were drinking alcohol together at night in the area of ​​Gawar Panchayat. During this, when there was a dispute between the two about something, Kishan got angry and killed Ghisa Ram with a bar. Ghisa Ram’s arms and legs were broken and blood started flowing due to the head injury. When the aunt came to intervene, Kishan locked her in a room. After this he locked Ghisa Ram in another room and ran away.

Neighbors heard the woman’s screaming then opened the door
The station in-charge told that when the neighbors heard the screaming of the woman in the morning, then the door opened. Ghisa Ram has died due to excessive bleeding. On information, Kelwara police reached the spot and inspected the spot. The police took the body to the Community Health Center, where it was handed over to the family members after conducting the post-mortem. Special teams have been formed to search for the accused Kishan Bhil in the murder of Ghisa Ram, who is still absconding.

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