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Two girls who met each other: A year ago, friendship with sister-in-law at sister’s in-laws’ house, then Bhagkar’s marriage, first case of lesbian relationship in Churu

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  • Two Girls Who Met Each Other: A Year Ago, Friendship With Sister in law In Sister’s In laws, Then Marriage Of Bhagkar, First Of Lesbian Relationship In Churu

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The two girls became friends a year ago, then they decided to stay together for the rest of their lives. Both of them got married in November last year. The family members did not know anything about this. When both of them were caught by the Haryana Police, this relationship came to the fore. Kinship in the family, people said – witchcraft
One girl is from Ratangarh in Churu and the other is from Haryana. Being in kinship, it was already known. At the same time, the family says that someone has done witchcraft. In Churu, this is the first case of a lesbian relationship.

In November, the father had filed a case of disappearance of the daughter.
ASI Jagdish Singh of Ratangarh police station in Churu said that the girls from Ratangarh and Haryana are relatives. On November 14, the girl’s father from Ratangarh lodged a case of missing daughter. While searching, it was found that the girl was in Haryana. When the police reached there with the girl’s parents, both told that they had run away from home on 12 November 2021 and got married in Fatehabad, Haryana.
In the police station, both the girls accepted the matter of love affair and marriage.
The daughter was accompanied by her girlfriend in the Adampur police station. There both revealed that they both love each other and got married. On January 10, the Ratangarh police caught both of them and brought them. Both expressed their desire to live together. Being adults, the police let both of them go together. The girls have gone back to Haryana. After marriage, both started living together in Jind, Haryana.
Sister’s in-laws came, friendship with sister-in-law turned into love
The ASI said that a 22-year-old girl from Haryana had come to her sister’s in-laws’ house in Ratangarh a year ago. His sister became friends with an 18-year-old sister-in-law. A series of talks and meetings began. The closeness between the two started increasing and then ran away from home and got married in Fatehabad.
Father said, daughter was not like this, she is doing this due to witchcraft
The father of the girl resident of Ratangarh said that someone has cast a spell on my daughter. Doesn’t agree even after explaining. My daughter was not like that at all. Doing this under someone’s pressure. She is sitting insisting that Haryana will go with that girl. The daughter has studied till class seven.

Both have live-in documents, but no marriage papers
The ASI told that the girls have got the papers of live in relationship made in Haryana. They do not have any marriage related documents. According to the police, the girl from Ratangarh said that she wants to lead an independent life. The girl from Haryana said that she and her girlfriend love each other and want to be together. Along with the family, the police and officials explained to both, but they did not agree and said that we have decided to live together for life.

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