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This is me: Quitting software engineer’s job with big money, started business with clippings with village women, work on Instagram

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2 minutes agoAuthor: Meena

‘Large glass buildings. Office with AC. Glowing walls everywhere. My well paid job of software engineer. Despite everything, I felt emptiness in myself. Goes to office everyday and returns without any satisfaction. It was a lot of fun when I started the job. Working five days and Saturday-Sunday party, but this party-warty craving ended after a few days and then I started asking myself, did I study to do all this? Maybe, no. After three years I was getting promotion and salary was also increasing but I left everything and established ‘Kala’. These are the words of Entrepreneur Jyoti.

Jyoti works with village women in Rajasthan.

Jyoti Woman, who works in Rajasthan, tells Bhaskar, ‘I grew up in Haryana. He also did BTech from here. Got a job in Wipro and moved to Greater Noida, but everything was not looking good here. An emptiness haunts everyday. Then, I started teaching children at the orphanage on Saturday and Sunday.
love to teach children
While teaching these kids, I realized that I have more fun with them. The day passes very happily. After taking out three years in Wipro, when I was getting promotion and salary was also increasing along with it. Then I made that job ‘Tata bye-bye’. At that time all the friends were saying that she has gone mad, leaving such a good job and going to the sand. You will go to work in the village. But, Papa supported me.
Business Journey started with Gandhi Fellowship
I filled the form of Gandhi Fellowship. The fellowship lasted from 2016 to 2018 and in the last year of fellowship I got Nawalgarh block of Jhunjhun district of Rajasthan. While teaching children in school here, I met Ruksar Bano, the mother of a student.

Jyoti started 'Kala' and provided employment to women.

Jyoti started ‘Kala’ and provided employment to women.

Women did not have sources of livelihood
At the age of 24, Ruksar had three children. All of them had come from Madhya Pradesh. She was a mother who just wanted to educate her children, but had no money. Her husband also did not work. Then I thought what should I do for these women so that their children can study and they can also get work. Then I, along with five women, deposited Rs.30 each from each woman. He went to the tailor and brought the clippings and then made small pouches.
This is the beginning of ‘art’
We showed and sold these pouches to our friends. Then I got some motivation that we can start some work with these women. Then in 2018 the art began. Right now we sell our products through Instagram only. These range from warm clothes made of wool to jewelry. On Rakshabandhan, Rakhi is also made of wool and small bags are also made of wool.
Entire business runs on Instagram
Right now all our business is running on Instagram. The designing, stitching of these products is done by the women of the village. Clothes that are bad for Taylor. When it comes to throwing them, we take them. Because those clippings are of our use.
Today, I also do modeling by connecting the daughters of the village and shoot the photos of the products with them, who have a good phone, shoot photos with them. Right now 10 women are associated with me. Our women make laptop bags, pouches, crochet works, scarves, mufflers.

Jyoti makes the daughters of the village a model.

Jyoti makes the daughters of the village a model.

Now women do their own work
Now the women associated with us learn new designs themselves from YouTube. Runs WhatsApp and Instagram. When our work went well, we bought a sewing machine with that money. Bought an old smartphone. We have not earned lakhs from this small business, but women have earned their freedom. Earlier the women of this village could not go out of the house but, in the last three years, they go to Jaipur alone. They are ready to fulfill any need of the family or anyone around them. She herself goes to buy fabric for art. The made goods themselves are posted on social media.
My father is a farmer and in a state like Haryana, girls are not allowed to go out a lot but my parents never stopped me from moving forward. Today I have a three month old daughter, with whom I handle this business. In-laws are also very supportive in this work.

Makes products by combining clothing clippings

Makes products by combining clothing clippings

do what you want to do
Do what you want to do. do not think. There are challenges in starting any work, but do not be afraid of them, go ahead. It will happen many times in life that your friends will be putting their best selfies and showing how happy they are with their jobs, but don’t give up. Stick to what you thought. Because when there is success in that work, that self-satisfaction will be the biggest.

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