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This is me: I have driven CM Yogi Adityanath in an e-bus, now I am the first woman driver of Gorakhpur, expert in driving heavy vehicles

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  • I Have Driven CM Yogi Adityanath In E bus, Now I Am The First Woman Driver Of Gorakhpur, Expert In Driving Heavy Vehicles

4 minutes agoAuthor: Meena

‘If a girl in my village had left the suit and wore jeans, it would have become such a disgrace to everyone’s eyes that as if she did not know which law she had violated, but I was driving big trucks on the roads and in such a situation the world After the seven wonders of the world, I would have been the eighth for them. These are the words of the first woman driver of Gorakhpur, Pooja Prajapati. Pooja came into limelight when Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath flagged off 15 electric buses in Gorakhpur. One of the trial runs of these buses was run by Pooja, in which Yogi Adityanath rode. In a special conversation with Bhaskar Woman, Pooja says, ‘I started driving not because of any compulsion but to tell girls that they can do whatever they want. They are not less than boys in any work. Driving started in such a way that Papa had kept a driver in the house to drop me to school, but he used to make excuses and go on leave. I did not like being late or not going to school at all. Then Papa taught me driving so that I would not depend on anyone. For the first time at the age of 13, he took over the steering of the car. With this, small vehicles like Mahindra’s Bolero, Scorpio, Maruti Zen, Wagnar all started running.

Pooja did not learn to drive a bus because she had to make a career in this field, but she had to tell the society that girls go to any field and earn a name by showing their hard work there.

Learn to drive big cars from small cars
Papa has a petrol pump of Indian Oil. Everyone already drives vehicles in the house, so it was my father who gave me the technical knowledge of vehicles. After getting technical knowledge, I started driving Indian Oil tankers, JCBs, tractors, fighter vehicles, graders, bulldozers, military vehicles. Now I drive vehicles from two hundred to three hundred wheels. Now I feel that I can drive all the wheeled vehicles on earth except the ship and the train.
Started driving for country service
I remember my father’s lesson when he said that son, everyone gets life once, make good use of it and inspire girls to move forward in life. Ever since I regained consciousness, my aim has been that I have to serve the country and dedicate my every strand to this country. Because of this, I learned everything that I can do to serve the country.
During college, when I joined NCC, I also took training in firing, keeping myself alive in difficult situations. I learned all the qualities a soldier should have to save the country, but it was not only necessary to serve the country, but army trucks, tankers, cannons all come in the service of the country, then I learned to drive these heavy vehicles. . Now whenever the country needs me, I am ready to serve it in every way.

Pooja was active in sports since school days.

Pooja was active in sports since school days.

I have paraded on Rajpath
I am driving heavy vehicle for last nine years. Got a heavy license and started preparing to go to the race of vehicles. I am the youngest of five siblings. Being the youngest in the house, I feel that I should be able to do everything. I don’t depend on anyone. Learning to be independent was learned from father from childhood. I had a passion to do something different since childhood. Since school time, she has been ahead in sports. There was also a chance to parade on Rajpath on 26 January 2020 during graduation.
I am also honored by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Ram Nath Kovind because of this parade. I am national player of hockey. I shoot, play golf, swim and am also interested in running. Sports is in my veins. Currently I am doing MA in Political Science.
In discussion after getting CM Yogi Adityanath to ride
I came into the limelight when I got to run an electric bus and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took a ride in my bus. Since then people started calling me the first woman driver of Gorakhpur. When I was driving, people looked at me in amazement. Some make good comments and some negative. Initially, there was a fear while driving, but now I have controlled my fear.

Electric runs all.

Electric runs all.

I want to teach girls driving without fee in future
When the recruitment of drivers came out in Gorakhpur, I also filled the form there and had to prove to the officials that even a girl can drive a bus with confidence. With this, I became the first woman driver to drive an electric bus. The day the Chief Minister traveled with me in my bus, the moment was unique. He asked me about me and for 15 minutes my bus was with us. He wished me progress. Further, my only wish is to teach driving to needy girls without any fee.
girls are no less
Now I will say this to all the girls that it is not necessary that you always become a teacher, but driving is also a good career option for them. You are not short in any work. You can spread your career wings from ship to sky. Just don’t put yourself in a mold. Wherever I got the opportunity, I learned that job. I used to play the game too and did it wherever I got a chance to serve.

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