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This is me: Fighting against corruption in schools for 28 years, pay one month’s salary to children

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  • For The Last 28 Years I Am Fighting Against Corruption In Schools, I Do One Month’s Salary In The Name Of Children.

6 minutes agoAuthor: Meena

‘If I saw anything wrong happening anywhere from my childhood, instead of blood in my veins, anger would run. I fight against discrimination. Since school-college days, she kept speaking on many forums. She was not a low-spoken and home-bound girl, but a rebellious type. This rebellion made me the principal of a government school and for the last 28 years I have been fighting against corruption in the municipal school. These are the words of Vibha Singh, principal at MCD Primary School, Mahila Colony in Gandhi Nagar, Delhi.

Vibha Singh is the principal of MCD Primary School of Mahila Colony in Gandhi Nagar.

58-year-old Vibha says in a conversation with Woman Bhaskar, ‘Since childhood, I did not think that I want to become a teacher. All I had to do was study and knew that reading would save us girls. Reading will satisfy my mind’s hunger for knowledge. I loved collecting different types of information and this hobby of mine inspired me to do BA, BEd and MA.
was fond of reading since childhood
I was born in Bihar, but my father’s job was in Banaras, so my upbringing took place here. I got married after doing BA. Now my address has changed from Banaras to Delhi. Came into a rich family. I had to do B.Ed but the in-laws thought that everything is there in the house, then what is the need of doing a job, but I told them my craving for studies and they also understood. Then I did BEd and then did MA.
Saw in school that without money there is no work…
After studying, got a job in the Municipal Corporation School in 1993. When I started teaching in MCD, I saw that every small work here is not done without money.
Money is also asked for making a small medical. From joining till the increase in documents, bribes are demanded. Seeing all this, I bowed my head and then I started telling the administration that this corruption will not work. I went on strike, agitated, went on fast, went hungry for many days but got recognition for work without money in my school.

Team of teachers prepared to fight against corruption in schools.

Team of teachers prepared to fight against corruption in schools.

Fight against corruption started in school
Seeing my hard work, a team of revolutionaries was formed in the school itself. I would call those militant teachers revolutionary only because we were talking about our rights while working in the government sector. We went on a strike from December 2000 to January 2001 and the reason for this was the Fifth Pay Commission. In this pay commission 4500 to primary teacher, 5000 to TGT grade and 6000 pay scale to PGT grade. This strike lasted for 21 days and was successful. When the agreement was reached with the government, the grade of five thousand was made 5500 and that of 6000 was 6500.
Message to teachers to be kind
Many such battles were fought while in school. I came to this school as a teacher, then became the school in-charge and now I am the principal. I try in my school that all the teachers I have should be kind to the children so that the children do not feel that they are from poor family. To meet the needs of the children, I pay one salary out of 12 months in the name of these children. I buy them the things they need.

Vibha keeps her word with love.

Vibha keeps her word with love.

Wheelchair and play room made ready for children
Delivered food and other necessities to school children at their homes in times of pandemic. Earlier, wheelchairs were ordered for handicapped children. The government talks about admitting such children but does not provide facilities for them. Apart from this, a play room has been prepared for the children of nursery.
Home, job and fast go together
Today it seems very easy to tell my journey to anyone, but when she was going through these challenges, she could hardly handle the house and children. From our joint family to a nuclear family. Watching small children in the house, doing all the household chores. Waking up first thing in the morning. All this had become a routine. But now the kids have grown up. She was also fighting against the problems she had in school while handling the house. But there is no defeat anywhere, what is wrong is called wrong. Now I am also Senior Vice President of Municipal Corporation Teachers Association.
do what you like
Now I tell every woman to do what you like. Choose the career where you can put all your energy. Make it a rule of life that nothing wrong is to be tolerated. Because once you will support the wrong, gradually it will become a part of your life and you will not understand when that wrong will harm you by becoming a canker.

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