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This is a dangerous habit: Do you or your children also make the mistake of eating with taste and chatter all day

19 minutes agoAuthor: Shweta Kumari

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Schools and offices of many sectors are closed amid the third wave of Corona. It is a big challenge for people to stay at home all day without meeting anyone and going somewhere, that too when they are not used to it. In such a situation, apart from everyday work, people are watching movies, playing games and eating without thinking along with it. Hungry late in the night, still eating and while doing office work, taking chutney of spicy chips. Eating throughout the day is considered a kind of disease, which is related to the human mind. Dr. Avani Tiwari, Senior Psychiatrist, Metro Hospital, is talking about this habit of eating all day.

What is Binge Eating Disorder?

Binge simply means continuously. When you do some work without looking at the time, outside the routine, then it is called binge. When we add the habit of eating to this, it is called Binge Eating Disorder. The surprising thing is that it is not related to our taste and desire to eat, but to mental trouble. When a person is mentally disturbed, then he incorporates such habits in his food. Dr. Tiwari says that people who eat this way are often struggling with depression or anxiety.

What is the eating pattern of people in this disorder?

  • Keep eating something or the other without feeling hungry.
  • Try to eat more and more often.
  • Keep eating until you feel restless due to overeating.
  • Eating alone feeling bad and embarrassed.
If you want to eat something while staying at home, you can also eat fruits and salads.

If you want to eat something while staying at home, you can also eat fruits and salads.

What could be the reason for this?

According to Dr. Avani, whenever a person is upset, it is common for him to overeat. They are aware of their strange eating habits, but they are unable to control themselves. There can be many reasons for the occurrence of this disorder.

Genetic – If a family member has had a problem with binge eating disorder, then it is possible that another member may have the same problem.

Emotional trauma – Binge eating disorder is seen in people because of something that makes a person sad or unable to forget.

Dieting – Sometimes this disorder is also seen in people due to excessive dieting. Those who do strict dieting because of their body or weight, when they get a chance to eat, then they start eating what they get.

Psychological Disorders – According to a report, some sort of psychological disorder is seen in 80% of cases of binge eating disorder. People going through this condition are victims of post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety or any phobia.

According to Dr. Tiwari, one can take the help of a psychologist to avoid this problem. Apart from behavior therapy, with the help of medicines, the bad habit of eating continuously can be overcome.

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