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The pressure of pregnancy does not allow to become a mother: There is no shortage in husband and wife, yet why delay in pregnancy?

A minute agoAuthor: Kamala Badoni

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The number of such couples is increasing rapidly, who do not have any physical deficiency, yet they are not able to get the happiness of children. Ayurvedacharya Dr. Rahul Marwah and Relationship Counselor Namrata Jain are telling such reasons, due to which couples are unable to become parents despite everything being right.

The man was not ready for the responsibility of the child

Ayurvedacharya Dr. Rahul Marwah shared with us the story of a couple living in Hyderabad, who were unable to get the happiness of a child even after wishing. His wife was able to get diabetes on him. The age of the husband was 27 years and that of the wife was 26 years. When the couple came to Dr. Marwah for the treatment of his wife’s diabetes, he first asked about his history. The couple told that their family is pressurizing them to plan a baby. When she tried and did not have a child, she resorted to IVF techniques. During the treatment, the wife gave Glycomet, a drug given to the patient of type 2 diabetes, this drug is also given to the patients of PCOD. After taking the medicine, the wife’s diabetes increased and she could not even become a mother.

Problem solved after counseling

When the couple came to Dr. Marwah, after knowing the history of the couple, they came to know that there is no physical deficiency in both of them, their problem is mental. Actually, the husband was in a government job and he wanted the child to plan after becoming permanent, so that there would be no financial pressure on him, but the family members were not ready for this. The wife was also getting to hear from the family that she has not yet become a mother. There was so much pressure from the family on both the husband and wife that when the child was not born in the normal way, at such a young age, they had to resort to IVF technique to get the child, but even this did not solve their problem. Dr. Rahul says, “When this couple came to us, first the wife had to control diabetes, then both had to be counselled. We explained to them that unless you are heartily ready to be a parent, your problem will not be solved. Giving birth to a child is not enough, to have a healthy child, one has to prepare himself physically and mentally first. The child should be warmly welcomed. Only then your body and mind will be ready for planning the baby. The pressure of planning a child was coming in the way of this couple’s desire to have children. After counseling, both of them were mentally ready to plan a child and they got the happiness of having a child in a normal way.

Woman’s body locks itself

Psychologist and health counselor Namrata Jain says, “Stress can be a big reason behind not being able to become a mother despite everything being normal. Nowadays there is so much career pressure on working couples that their subconscious mind is not ready to take the responsibility of the child. Many times the husband is not financially stable, in many cases the girl’s full focus is on her career, sometimes the husband or his family does not make the girl, in such a situation, despite the lack of body in the body, the couple does not have the happiness of the child. Could get When the anxiety builds up, the body goes into fight, flight or freeze mode. This is the fighting mechanism of the body, which the body uses to fight from different positions. If the woman’s mind is not ready to become a mother yet, then she will fight for it. When the body is on flight mode, the woman will not be ready for sex or enjoying it. When the body is on freeze mode, the mind will say whatever you have to do, I have locked myself from inside. In this way, these three conditions do not allow the woman to become a mother. To become a mother, it is necessary for both husband and wife to be prepared with both body and mind, without this one cannot get the happiness of a child.

Men have the stress of responsibility

Being financially stable is very important for men. Unless he secures himself financially, his mind is not ready to become a father, due to which he is unable to have a child despite being physically capable.

depression is not visible

Sometimes women are in depression, but from outside everything looks normal. In such a situation, it is necessary to first treat her depression, only then she will be able to become a mother.

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