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The monkey army was in search of Sita: everyone lost their strength, Jamwant said – I was young, did everything, but now I am old

9 minutes agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

Story – There is an incident from Ramayana. The monkey army was searching for Sita. At that time a vulture named Sampatti said to the monkeys, ‘I can see from here where Ravana has kept Sita ji in Lanka. You will have to go to Lanka after crossing the sea of ​​hundred yojanas. Whoever can go, go.

There were many strong monkeys like Dvaita, Mayanda, Suksen in the monkey army, but all of them gave their own limitations. The monkeys said, ‘The sea of ​​hundred yojanas cannot be crossed.’ Somebody said eighty yojanas, some said one can cross the ocean of ninety yojanas. Angad, who was leading the party, said, ‘I can go, but cannot come back’.

Hanuman ji was silent. At that time Jamwant, the oldest man of the Vanar Sena, said, ‘When I was young and Vishnu took the Vamana avatar, that is, became a small child. After getting a resolution from King Bali, he became Virat. He asked for three steps of land. Heaven was taken in one step and earth in the other. At that time I had circumambulated 21 times. I was so capable. At the time of churning of the ocean, I had brought huge medicines and put them in the ocean, but now I have become old. That’s why I too cannot cross the ocean and go to Lanka.’

When everyone refused to go to Lanka, Jamwant told Hanuman ji that you go to Lanka.

Lessons – Jamwant has given the message that every person has different ability to do different work at different age. After passing of age, we should remember our ability, but then we should not try to do the same thing. Jamwant had clearly said that I am old, I cannot do this work. We should also remember that if we are at that stage of age, which is called old age, then at that time we should not do any such risky work which we have done in youth. In old age the body becomes weak, loss may have to be suffered. We should work according to our age and strength.

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