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The girl who made the video in the dargah apologized: Fitness trainer said – I am deleting this video forever

Ajmer6 minutes ago

The fitness trainer girl has apologized for making a video in the dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. The girl has sent an apology to the Dargah Committee. After the apology, the Dargah Committee also decided to withdraw the complaint. Also, video and photography have also been banned in the Dargah premises.

i am deleting the video forever

The girl has written in an e-mail sent to the Dargah Committee- Respected Assistant Nazim Sahib, I keep posting videos of gymnastics stunts on social media’s TIKKI application. I have more than 1 lakh 58 thousand followers. The video made by me in the dargah was not meant to hurt any caste, religion or community. But still I have offended you, then I apologize to you. The same girl also wrote in the email that I am deleting this video forever. I promise that this does not happen in future. I have great faith in Ajmer Dargah Sharif. There was absolutely no intention to insult my dargah, I’m sorry.

The committee decided to forgive the girl

Dargah committee assistant Nazim Adil said that on the e-mail received by the girl, Dargah committee chairman Amin Pathan also decided to forgive the girl and also instructed that she should in future at any place of honor and respect in this way. Do not get any video or photography done. At the same time, he told that soon the complaint given in the Dargah police station in this matter will be withdrawn.

There was a ruckus on the video of gymnastics

The girl made a video of gymnastics in the dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. After this the girl also shared it on her social media account. Khadim Hisamuddin Chishti had given a complaint in this regard by writing a letter to Dargah Nazim. After the video surfaced, the Dargah Committee had demanded strict action. After this, on the instructions of Amin Pathan, President of the Dargah Committee, the Assistant Nazim lodged a complaint with the Dargah police station late in the night.

Photo and videography banned in Dargah

Photography and videography in Dargah Sharif has been banned by the Dargah Committee, the managing committee of Khwaja Garib Nawaz. Dargah Committee President Amin Pathan said that for some time people are making viral photos and videos in Dargah Sharif. In such a situation, the prestige, respect, honor and system of Dargah Sharif are harmed through videos and pictures. In such a situation, the committee has banned photo and videography.

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