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The doctors were also horrified at the vandalism of Alwar’s bereaved daughter: Said surgery was necessary to stop bleeding, pulse was negligible, an hour delay could have been fatal

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  • The Doctors Were Also Horrified At The Vandalism Of Alwar’s Bereaved Daughter: Said Surgery Was Necessary To Stop Bleeding, Pulse Was Negligible, One Hour Delay Fatal

Jaipur/Alwar3 minutes agoWriters: Sandeep Sharma/Rajendra Gautam

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The doctors are also horrified by the gang rape and vandalism of the 16-year-old daughter. This daughter of Alwar has been admitted to JK Lone in Jaipur. Seven doctors, who saved their lives after a three-hour operation, say that there was a lot of bleeding when the victim was brought. Immediate surgery was necessary to stop it. When the daughter was brought to the hospital, her pulse was negligible. Had there been a delay of an hour and a half in bringing him back, it would have been difficult to save him.
Doctors said, I wish I never had to do such surgery
7 Doctors say that the wounds of the body will start to heal in 20-25 days, but how will the wounds on the soul be healed? The doctors said- ‘Can’t forget the girl’s face and her pain. I wish I never had to do such a surgery.
Uncle said, daughter can identify the accused
The police could not trace the criminals who gang-raped the teenager even on the third day. Mother, father and uncle are in the hospital with the teenager. Uncle told- Sometimes on regaining consciousness, the girl remembers her aunt and says ‘Chichi Peed…’. Uncle told that she can roll lightly. It can also identify the arapies.

When the girl did not appear in the evening, it was the uncle who called the police
When the girl did not appear in the evening, it was the uncle who called the police and gave information. Shortly after this the girl was found in an unconscious state near the culvert. There is also a mother with the girl in JK Lane. Also Deputy SP Kirti Singh is with the girl in the hospital. Seeing the condition of the girl, the father and uncle are saying that the way my daughter is suffering in pain, in the same way, the rapist should also be punished with torture.
The girl is seen going alone in CCTV
On the morning of the incident, the father and mother had gone about 60 km away from their village in a relationship. The victim had been insisting since morning that she would go to maternal uncle’s place. The girl is seen going alone in the CCTV camera installed near the spot. This footage is from around 7:30. Between eight and eight o’clock, information is received about the girl child. Now the police is investigating whether who can pass through that road in half an hour.

The doctor said, when the victim was brought, the pulse was negligible
Jakelon’s superintendent Dr. Arvind Shukla said, “Two units of blood were transfused in Alwar, yet the bleeding was very high. To stop this, immediate surgery was necessary. Even before the surgery, two units of blood were transfused. When the victim was brought, the pulse was negligible. Had there been an hour and a half delay in bringing it, it would have been difficult. Still need more blood.

There were deep wounds in the inner part of the girl, she will have to stay on the bed for a few days.
Surgeons Dr. Pramila and Gunjan Sharma said, there were deep wounds in the inner part of the girl. The perineal is repaired and a passageway through the abdomen is made. This is so that wounds can heal quickly. Even if everything goes well, the wound will start to heal after 20-25 days. The urinary part is completely closed. Will have to stay in bed for a few days.
It will take time for the girl’s wound to heal
Plastic surgeon and unit head Dr. Rakesh Jain said, the girl’s face, her pain and brutality are not going away from her mind. The skin of the girl was completely removed. Thankfully one layer was kept safe, otherwise it would have been very difficult to save the girl. We have done plastic surgery, but the girl has very deep wounds. It will take a long time to fill them.

15 min, 600 m Vandalism from a teenager in the circle…
Teenager walking all day long: 7 footage found in 5 km, all alone, last seen at 7:30 pm
Nirbhaya-like vandalism from a deaf-mute teenager was done between 7:30 pm and 7:45 pm on Tuesday in 600 meters radius. A CCTV camera installed at a shop, just 600 meters away from the spot, shows the teenager walking on foot at 7:30. Exactly 15 minutes after this, she was found on the culvert in a bloodied condition. In such a situation, the scope of the police investigation has been fixed on the people and vehicles passing through it in 600 meters and 15 minutes. Police have identified 7 suspects and 4-5 vehicles. On searching elsewhere in the city, 7 footages have been found within a radius of 5 km, in which the teenager is seen walking alone. It is being speculated that she may have come on foot from her house to the spot, about 15-20 km away. Because she was missing since morning.

The scoundrels are hiding among us, the government alone cannot do anything: Minister
The scoundrels are hiding among us. There is no tilak that it is a predator. Don’t know who can become a predator in what form. Respect for the girl child and a positive family environment should be created. Government alone cannot do anything. Mamta Bhupesh, Minister of Women and Child Development

Here, politics too
BJP leaders reached Ranthambore to gherao Priyanka, police used force

The BJP tried to surround Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi regarding the matter. To register a protest, the BJP reached the hotel in Ranthambhair where Priyanka was staying to celebrate her birthday. Demonstrations were held under the leadership of BJP’s National Minister Alka Gurjar, State President of Women’s March Alka Mundra, MLA Ramlal etc.

On being stopped by the police, they started raising slogans sitting on the road. When some activists tried to move forward by pushing the barricade, the police had to use mild force. Here, Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Kirori Lal Meena also reached about two kilometers before the hotel on Ranthambore Road with some girls. The police stopped them. On Friday, Kirori will march to the District Collectorate with supporters from the Circuit House in Alwar at 11 am demanding the arrest of the culprits.

Demonstration in Jaipur too: BJP demonstrated in Jaipur city as well. Lawyers in Alwar demanded a CBI inquiry, decided not to represent the accused: The District Attorney’s Association sent a memorandum to the Collector and demanded a CBI inquiry into the matter. The lawyers have said that they will not represent the accused in the case.

civil rights team will reach alwar today Police Headquarters Civil Rights team will reach Alwar today. DGP ML Lather met DIG Dr. A three-member team has been formed under the leadership of Ravi.

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