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The child will be healthy and happy: Feed these beneficial things to the child at the first, second and later ages

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  • Food Habits In Kids : Feed These Beneficial Things To The Child At The First, Second And Later Ages

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What to feed the child, what not to feed, this big question is often kept in the mind of every mother. How can a child be of any age to get a complete diet, so that his physical and intellectual development can take place. Tell you that a part of a baby’s development is also related to his sleep. A child can get good sleep only when nutritious foods are added to his diet. Talking about this important issue, Dr. Pragati Walia, Pediatrician of Shri Vaidya Ayurvedic Hospital, has told how the diet of children should be.

What age to feed a child?

Dr. Walia says that different types of nutrients have been mentioned in Ayurveda for children of all ages. This not only improves the growth of the child, but also increases his immunity. Knowing at what age what to feed the child, if the mother takes it seriously, then the children get sick at least.

6 months to a year – If children of this age are getting mother’s milk, then they get many nutrients in that milk. Despite this, since the child is growing up and his teeth start coming, then he can be given boiled apple, fruit juice, moong dal water, boiled mixed vegetables (banana, carrot and papaya) by adding some salt to the child. . Babies of this age are very small, so try not to feed them too much at a time, instead feed different things every three hours from every don. By this the child will reduce tantrums in eating.

Two years to three years – At this age, the child’s ability to think increases rapidly. As a parent, it is important to pay attention to the fact that more and more greens, protein and calcium-rich foods should be included in the diet of the child. For this, apart from fruits, soaked almonds and dry grapes, porridge, halwa, moong dal cheela, paneer, lentils, khichdi, oats can be fed to the child. The proteins and vitamins present in all these will prove to be effective in increasing the immunity of the child.

Four to five years – Children of this age start becoming intelligent, they start having an understanding of everything going on around them. At this age, children start making new friends in society and colony by moving ahead of their family members. At the same time, all those things become edible, which are being eaten by the elder members of the household, in such a situation the responsibility as a parent becomes more, because the children insist on eating what they eat to the elders or to other children. Let us bring it in tiffin. Therefore, take special care of your diet and before explaining it to the child, include healthy food in your diet. At this age, feed Poha, Idli, Upma, Cornflakes, Paratha, Sandwich, Shake, Juice, Omelette, Toast and more and more greens.

According to Dr. Walia, children are given nutrition according to age and if they follow the above mentioned diet tips according to their age, apart from outside spicy chips, cold drinks, noodles, then their sleep is better. When children have good diet, sleep and health, they feel better and are happier.

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