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Taliban rule stained with the blood of 9 children: Explosion in front of a school in ISIS-held area near Afghanistan-Pakistan border, 4 injured

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  • Taliban Rule Stained With The Blood Of 9 Children: Explosion In Front Of A School In ISIS held Area Near Afghanistan Pakistan Border, 4 Injured

Kabul7 minutes ago

The hands of the Taliban, who are in power in Afghanistan, have been stained with the blood of 9 children. The killers are not even sparing the innocent. On Monday afternoon, a blast occurred in Afghanistan, in which 9 children died. At the same time, 4 people are seriously injured. The blast happened on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
Taliban governor’s office confirmed
The Taliban government in power in Afghanistan also did. According to a statement issued by the Taliban governor’s office, the explosion took place in a car carrying food items in front of a school in Nangarhar’s Lalopur.

Mortar was kept hidden in the car, it exploded as soon as it reached the school
Some reports said that a mortar was hidden in this vehicle and as soon as the vehicle reached the post of Lalopur district, it exploded. Last month too, an explosion took place in a town in Nangarhar province, killing seven people, including four women.

Explosion near Pakistani check point, ISIS occupied the area
Media reports said that the blast took place in the Lalopur area of ​​Nangarhar province, where there are Pakistani check posts and barbed wire. The special thing is that the terrorist organization Islamic State is active in this area and it often has violent clashes with the Taliban. IS terrorists also attack Taliban check posts. This organization has been carrying out terrorist activities in this area since 2014. Most of their attacks are against Shia minorities.

Mortar was kept hidden in the ground, it broke as soon as the car passed
Different media reports are coming about the blast. Some reports said that food items were being transported in a hand cart. During this, it weighed on the mortar hidden in the ground and it exploded. Some more reports say that the school is right in front of the spot and the Pakistan border is on the other side. At the same time, a bomb was kept hidden in a car.

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