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Surat’s account made amazing app: Only 10 people team managed 400 startups, annual turnover of 1 crore

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  • Surat Girl Is Promoting More Than 400 Startups, Annual Turnover Of 1 Crore

face12 minutes agoWriter: Sunita Singh

Surat-based Lekha has created an app that is promoting more than 400 startups. This app named PG Click provides advertising and networking to merchants. Through this app of accounting, more than 400 businessmen are earning profits by increasing their business. More than 100 of them are women. Lekha made this app in 2019. Today the annual turnover of this app is more than 1 crore.

Accounts is inspiring other women.

This is how PG Click works

PG Click provides a platform to the traders. With the help of which they increase their business. For example, a woman from Surat has a small spice business. On this app, he got in touch with some restaurant owners who were in need of pure spices. Now the woman supplies spices directly to the restaurant. Due to this the business of both is increasing. Similarly, doctors, engineers, CAs, fashion designers, small and big businessmen from many cities of Gujarat are connected on this app. Since August 2019 till now, many merchants are connected with each other through PG Click and about 5000 people have taken advantage of this app. The main objective of this platform is to promote startups.

got the idea like this

Lekha has trained thousands of people till now.

Lekha has trained thousands of people till now.

34-year-old Lekha has done MBA from Gujarat University and is the mother of a child. She says, “I have been working as a professional trainer for 12 years. During this, I have given training to people on many subjects including corporate, stress management. During training, I met people who had skills but did not have a good platform. This made me think of doing something for them. Meanwhile, our Prime Minister started ‘Digital India’ and ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign, this also inspired me and we started PG Click.

When the family got together, it became a thing

Lekha's husband helped her in making the app.

Lekha’s husband helped her in making the app.

Lekha had the business idea ready. Many people were also in his contact who wanted to work with him. When she shared her idea with her husband Prashant Ghiwala (38), they agreed to build the app. Since Prashant has done engineering and MBA, he had a lot of knowledge about apps and technology.

Lekha says, “My husband has his own business and has a lot of interest in technology. My plan was good enough, just one app was needed. It took 6 to 8 months for Prashanth to build the app. In August 2019 we launched PG Click. In these two and a half years, more than 400 merchants have been connected with each other through this app. There are 100 women among them who are associated with us according to their family needs and they are also making a lot of progress in their business.”

It is very easy to connect with the app

Lekha explains, “The special thing about our app is that a merchant has to pay a one-time fee of Rs 2000 to join it. We do not make any profit from anyone’s business. No matter how much the merchants associated with us earn, our profit is not attached to it. It is our endeavor to work for their benefit but we do not ask for our share in their profits.

We get the greatest happiness when people along with businessmen benefit from our work. In the last lockdown, our tiffin service provider helped people a lot and these businessmen also benefited a lot.

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