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Sex Seriously: Should I Use Sex Toys, When Should Women Take Emergency Contraceptive Pills After Sex?

5 minutes ago

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Experiencing sex keeps the excitement in the relationship between husband and wife, but doing unnatural experiments can also increase the distance in the relationship. It depends on the mutual consent of the husband and wife that how healthy and happy they want to maintain their sex life. Sexologist Dr. Rajan Bhosale is telling the answers to such questions related to sex life that you cannot ask anyone.

I want to know about sex toys, should I use them?

First of all, let me tell you that there is a ban on selling, buying or using sex toys in India. People who use sex toys buy them from the gray market. If one has bought or ordered sex toys from abroad, it still depends on its function whether it should be used or not. Many people do not have the right information about the use of sex toys, due to which they injure themselves or they get infection by using poor quality sex toys. Whether it should be used or not depends on the quality and function of the sex toy.

I have heard that emergency contraceptive pills are more effective if taken in the morning, is it true?

This is not true, its name is emergency contraceptive pills because it should be used as soon as possible. This pill is taken so that a woman does not get pregnant after unprotected sex. The sooner the woman consumes this pill, the more effective its effect will be, so it should be used as soon as possible. If you have had unprotected sex and you don’t have the pill available at the time, don’t take more than twelve hours to buy and eat it. Consumption of hormonal pills often increases acidity, so they should not be used on an empty stomach. Eat something before taking emergency contraceptive pills. If you use birth control pills, then take them daily at a regular time and eat something before taking them, that is, do not take the pill on a hungry stomach.

Dr. Rajan Bhosale, MD

Professor & HOD, Department of Sexual Medicine, KEM Hospital & G. s. Medical college

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