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Seeing Shakuntala, King Dushyant became infatuated: Women and men should not leave their dignity even when they are alone

a few moments agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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Story – There is an anecdote related to King Dushyanta. He was a great mighty king who expanded the Puru dynasty and everything was going well in his kingdom. Once he went to the forest to hunt with his army.

Dushyant had gone to a very dense forest. When he was returning from hunting, his eyes fell on an area which was very beautiful like Nandanvan. He became very attracted by that forest and went to that area.

One after the other violent animals were coming in the forest, they were killing everyone and moving on. When a strange predatory animal passed in front of the king, the king made his horse run after him. After some time the soldiers left behind and the king was alone in the forest.

Dushyant reached an area where there was a big field, there were no trees, but there was a beautiful ashram. That ashram belonged to sage Karnava. There a beautiful girl appeared to the king. The girl told that she is Shakuntala, the daughter of sage Karnava.

The king was fascinated by Shakuntala at first sight. Dushyant said, ‘I am fascinated by seeing you in this solitude. I am a Kshatriya, my mind is under my control. My mind is never attracted towards foreign women, but today my mind is attracted towards you, but my mind is controlled. I make a request to you that I am a king and you should be my queen.’

Shakuntala was impressed by the dignity of the king and at that time she was married to a Gandharva.

Lessons – This incident is giving us a lesson that the mind of men and women can wander in solitude. Every youth should understand Dushyant’s words. He had said that my mind is fascinated, but controlled, restrained. Do not let the mind wander in youth, otherwise the attraction of the body can cause sin. Whenever men and women are in solitude, do not leave your limits and be alert.

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