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Pregnancy planning: After the age of 30, you are preparing to become a mother, so talk to the doctors on these tests

5 minutes agoAuthor: Shweta Kumari

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Being a mother is a joyous feeling, which cannot be described in words. Keeping the career in mind, women also take the decision of becoming a mother after careful consideration. Working woman wants to become a mother, but in this she avoids any kind of haste. Since now women have become intelligent and independent, so before planning pregnancy, they delay in planning considering the safe future of the child. Dr. Vaishali Joshi, a gynecologist at Mumbai’s Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, is telling what important tests a woman should go through before planning a baby after the age of 30.

These tests will remove the worry of danger in pregnancy

Anti mullerian hormone test The position of the egg in the ovary is ascertained through the AMH test. By going through this test, women get information about their fertility level.

pap smear – This test is done to check for cervical cancer. According to Dr. Joshi, after the age of 25, every woman must get this test done at an interval of three years. Before planning pregnancy, this test is ensured whether the body is healthy and ready to become a mother or not.

Anemia test – This is the most common problem in women. By getting this test done before pregnancy, it will be known that there is no lack of blood in the body. If there is anemia, then by adopting a healthy diet, you will be able to avoid anemia and there will be no risk of complications in pregnancy.

blood sugar test Make sure to get this test done in fasting and after eating. Since, there is a risk of the mother becoming diabetic during pregnancy. In such a situation, if you have already done a blood sugar test and find increased blood sugar in the body, then by improving the diet, you can control it before becoming pregnant.

Getting a pregnancy test done is essential for both mother and baby.

Getting a pregnancy test done is essential for both mother and baby.

thyroid test – Women are especially affected by thyroid due to hormonal imbalance. In such a situation, before planning pregnancy, get this test done. If the mother is suffering from it, then it can be controlled by growing it in time and all those necessary steps can be taken so that it does not affect the child.

Get the weight checked – If you are planning pregnancy, then also pay attention to the weight. If the doctor tells you to be under or overweight, then first of all work to improve it, so that the pregnancy is not complicated in any way.

Thalassemia Screening Test – It is also known as hemoglobin A-2 test. Through this test, it is found out whether the mother is Thalassemia positive or not. If this happens, then the chances of passing this deadly genetic disease to the child also increases. However, apart from the mother, the father can also be its carrier for the child to be born. Therefore, it is necessary for both the parents to get this test done.

rubella antibody – It is also known as German measles or measles. If measles occurs during pregnancy, then there is a risk of many physical deformities in the baby. Because of this, doctors recommend abortion. It is considered better to stop the pregnancy plan until one month after taking the vaccine.

Why is the test necessary?

According to Dr. Joshi, girls often cross the age of 30 by the time they reach the thought of family planning due to education, job, love life time and then securing the future. However, after this age, there is nothing to worry about getting pregnant in the early period (early 30). But for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, get some necessary tests done, so that it can be known that the mother is completely healthy and can give birth to a healthy child.

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