Planning to study abroad? This information may help you to get admission to European universities

Planning to study abroad? This information may help you to get admission to European universities

Every year millions of students shift from one country to another to get the higher education in universities of their choice. Europe is one of the hottest destinations for students to get a quality education for better future prospects. 1.3 million students come to various universities of 27 European countries to get higher education and more than 10 times of this number apply to get admission. Due to a lack of comprehensive knowledge, many are left behind from getting admission. However, there are apps like Drill which could be very useful in this regard, which provide a common platform along with complete support from filling up applications to getting admission and even accommodation.

One of the most common myths about studying in Europe is that education is very expensive there. The fact is that tuition fees in European universities range from 1000 euros to 20,000 euros. The education consultants generally suggest expensive ones because they get a higher commission there. With Drill, students can opt for universities and programs as per their choice of budget.It even refunds the application fee if the student does not get admission to a particular university, otherwise, applicants have to submit the application fee for at least 3-4 universities to get admission in any one of them, which is non-refundable.

Due to the cost factor, most of the students try to find scholarships available in European universities, only 1-2 % of applicants with exceptional track records get these scholarships, which may reduce tuition fees to some extent. With Drill’s help, the applicants who might not have a similar track record also have chances to get admissions in programs of their choice in European universities with much lesser tuition fees. Applicants who want to change universities may do so later with the help of exchange programs that most European universities offer.

There is another misconception that only a few European countries offer programs in the English language, the fact is that all European universities offer international programs in English. It is the official language of instruction these days. Apart from this one more important aspect to know is that few European countries have Visa available only till the student pursue graduation while others automatically extend it by one year after graduation so that the student can focus on post-graduation programs or job prospects in that country. A European visa for one country is valid for all 27 countries.

Drill is the app where the applicant has to fill a single application form for all the universities in Europe. The app is very useful for applicants who want to study in Europe and do not have comprehensive knowledge of universities, programs, and visa availability. It gives choice and accessibility to more than 2500 universities under a single platform. The app works on data and algorithms that extract and works the most recent information about these universities. It has both free and paid membership programs, an applicant can choose any of these.

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