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Mother-in-law upset due to daughter-in-law’s taunts and harassment: Some incidents of assault and knife stabbings, the situation is deteriorating due to lack of time for relationships

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  • Mother in law Is Also Troubled By Daughter in law, Somewhere Beating, Somewhere Injuring Mother in law By Stabbing Her In The Stomach

New Delhi10 minutes agoWriter: Radha Tiwari

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Mother-in-law’s relationship is sour-sweet, but sometimes such things happen between the two, which spoil the relationship. Earlier it was said that spend good days in your maternal home, then you have to go to your in-laws’ house and listen to your mother-in-law’s taunts. There used to be cases in which the daughter-in-law used to complain about her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Now such cases are coming to the fore that being upset with the daughter-in-law, the mother-in-law is complaining and suing her. The latest case is of Alwar, Rajasthan, where the daughter-in-law stabbed the mother-in-law in the stomach in a fight between the mother-in-law, due to which the mother-in-law was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition.

Now mother-in-law is upset with daughter-in-law’s kitkit
Vishal Tiwari, a lawyer practicing in the Supreme Court, says that there are many cases related to domestic violence every day. Many of these cases are also false. Sometimes the relationship of the girl gets spoiled due to the interference of her parents. But now in many cases the mother-in-law and her son are also suing their wife after getting upset. A few days ago, a case came in the court of Bharatpur, in which the matter was that the daughter-in-law was the only girl in her house. She said that her husband left his parents and lived with the girl’s parents. Fights escalated over this matter, the matter reached a scuffle. The girl refused to live with her mother-in-law.

The case has been hanging for 10 years
According to lawyer Vishal Tiwari, a similar case is from Jaipur, Rajasthan, where the husband attacked her husband and mother-in-law when the husband wanted to check her phone on suspicion of an extra-marital affair. The mouth and nose of both of them were badly scratched. After this, when the matter escalated, the matter reached the High Court. The wife is not ready to divorce under any circumstances and she does not even accept her mistake and she tortures her husband and mother-in-law every day. The matter has been going on in the court for 10 years.

Mother-in-law stays at home so what is the need of med
A similar case is of Gurugram in Haryana where a video of a daughter-in-law assaulting her mother-in-law went viral. During this, despite the presence of some members of the house, the angry daughter-in-law was slapping her mother-in-law. The reason for this quarrel was said to be a rift over keeping meds in the house. According to the information, the elderly mother-in-law does all the household work for a long time. While the elder’s son is also in favor of keeping a maid, but the daughter-in-law is not in favor of keeping a maid. She feels that if the mother-in-law lives in the house, then she should also work.

People don’t have time for relationships
Delhi-based psychiatrist Aarti Duggal says that after marriage, the life of girls changes completely. The most challenging task for a woman after marriage is to build good relations with her in-laws. Sometimes some typical things said by the mother-in-law hurt her badly. Whether these things were said intentionally or unintentionally. Earlier people lived in joint family. They used to see in their family how their mother or grandmother reconciled, but now with the passage of time people live in nuclear family, most of the people work here. No one has enough time to sit and talk about relationships.

Relationships should not be spoiled by toxic things
Aditi Vishwas, counselor from Dehradun, says that everyone is very happy about their marriage and keeps on making many fantasies for married life. After marriage, it is often seen that most of the relations between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law remain bad. After marriage, if the girl does not get a good family, then it becomes common to face everyday problems in life. It would be wrong to say that all in-laws are bad, because around you you will find many such families, where even after the daughter-in-law gets love like a daughter, her relationship with the in-laws remains bad.

However, some girls are not lucky in this matter and, unlike expected, they find toxic mother-in-law, who work to create rift in their own daughter-in-law’s relationship. From the mental to the emotional level, it seems to have an effect, which starts hollowing out the relationship. For this it is necessary that the relationship should be kept right by mutual coordination.

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