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Let’s get angry: are there benefits to slandering too? These 4 reasons become the reason for scolding

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Swearing is a part of our everyday conversation, but it is not considered good in our society. But clinical psychologist Dr. Pragya Malik says that chewing is not considered a good habit in the society, but psychologically it affects our mind and body. Whenever a person is angry with someone, feels low, is worried or sad, then he chuckles. This is called negative defensive behavior.

Chugli is called negative defensive behavior.

Chugli is called negative defensive behavior.

Dr. Pragya believes that in the society we see that the easiest way to make ourselves happy is by taking out our troubles through slander. This is called learning behavior, which we learn from our surroundings since childhood. When a person is unable to control his anger and emotion, then he chuckles. Swearing is a bad habit, but everyone does it nonetheless. Now the question arises that why do people chugli and what benefit they get from it, Dr. Pragya Malik is telling about it-

To make oneself bigger
It has always been seen in chugli that the theme is on the behavior or dress of the front. Like how he is dressed, look what he is doing, how is he doing, what has the neighbor done? All these things tell that the person who is chewing wants to do the same but is unable to accept the behavior of the other person and because of his inferiority complex, presents the behavior of the other person in a negative sense. so that he can make himself great. We do this to make ourselves proud.
need for approval from others
We are all social animals. Because of this, we always need someone else’s approval. Through slanderous words, we try to justify ourselves with the approval of others. For example, many times we must have heard that when a person scolding someone else from us, then he utters words like ‘I am saying right’. This shows that the person wants to get his point approved from someone else’s mouth.
feel relaxed
Generally it has been seen that if a person is angry with someone, then immediately he scolded someone else. This gives the person a feeling that someone is understanding us. Someone is listening to us, which makes him feel relaxed.

People feel relaxed after chewing.

People feel relaxed after chewing.

People who are victims of anxiety spit
According to Dr. Pragya, people who have more anxiety, they choose the habit of chewing. When we don’t feel well or feel low, we want to tell others our point of view. Not looking at his own shortcomings, he counts the shortcomings of the other person, due to which his own mind becomes calm.
What is solution?
Dr. Pragya says that chewing can be a profitable deal for some time, but if you carry this habit with you for a long time, then it makes you a negative person. That is why it is important that before saying anything about anyone, check that thing. Take some time for yourself so that you can make yourself feel good. Write your problems on paper. Calm the mind with breathing exercises. These can be some of the ways that can be a healthier option than a smack.

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