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‘Koi Raja Maharaja aaraha hai kya?’: Assam CM reprimands officer for halting traffic during his visit | Watch

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‘Yaha koi Raja Maharaja aaraha hai kya?’: Assam CM reprimands officer for traffic jam | WATCH

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday reprimanded an on-duty officer for a traffic jam on the National highway. The CM, who was in the area to lay the foundation stone of a road, was seen in full rage at the sight of vehicles being stuck in traffic.

“Arre DC saab, ye kya naatak hai?,” he said to the Deputy Commissioner of Nagaon District. “Yaha koi Raja Maharaja aaraha hai kya?!” the CM was seen reprimending the officer.

“Aisa mat karo!,” he said to the officer further. The vehicles were seen moving soon after the CM’s conversation with the Deputy Commissioner.

The CM was in the area near Gumothagaon on National Highway 37 at an event, where he laid the foundation stone of a road.

“I reprimanded officials concerned for halting traffic for me, despite clear direction not to create inconvenience for people during my visit. For over 15 mins, National Highway was blocked including ambulances. This VIP culture is not acceptable in today’s Assam,” the CM said soon after the incident.

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