Kirti Kulhari wondered if she'd 'get turned on' during kissing scene with Shefali Shah

Kirti Kulhari wondered if she’d ‘get turned on’ during kissing scene with Shefali Shah

New Delhi: Actress Kirti Kulhari shared a kissing scene with Shefali Shah in their newly released series ‘Human’ streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. The actress opened up on her experience of creating chemistry with a woman on-screen and her thoughts while filming the scene.

Speaking about the kissing scene in a recent interview, she told Hindustan Times, “I am an actor, of course, I am up for it; but it is still strange for me. I have never done this before. It is still strange for me to create that chemistry for a woman, to really give the expressions I would, falling for a guy. It is different.”

Kirti said that she was wondering what if she got turned on during the kissing scene. However, she said that there was no feeling.

“I think the most nervous person for the kissing scene was my director Mozez Singh. I was only (thinking) ‘what if I kiss her and feel something, what if I get turned on?’ That will be something, I will then have to sit back and think if I am also looking at women. That is the only thing I had. We did not rehearse. My director made us do some 8-10 takes for getting different angles of the kiss. We did it the first time, and we were like ‘ok,’ I was relieved thinking ‘thank God koi feeling nahi aya (there was no feeling)’. Then Mozez came back and asked us to give more takes,” Kirti added.

As time passed, Kirti became more comfortable with the scene and after a few takes, she said, they went at it like robots.

“After the first couple of takes, we went at it like robots. That is what it is, sex on screen, or kissing on screen. People wonder about it but it is the most boring thing. You have 100 people around and there is no privacy. You are at the mercy of your director saying ‘action-cut, action-cut.’ You do not have the time for feeling, trust me.” Kirti also said that Shefali told her after the scene, “I lost my onscreen virginity to you, I have never kissed onscreen,” she explained.

Kriti who plays Dr Saira Sabarwal in the series had shared her experience about the series and said, “It’s the first time that I am playing a doctor on screen, a world that I am not completely unfamiliar with as my sister and brother in law are doctors. I did get a lot of insight by speaking to both of them and other doctors.”

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