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Increasing speed of corona: Omicron spreads rapidly even if there are no symptoms, in some cases its speed is 7 to 12 times more than delta

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  • Omicron Spreads Rapidly Even When There Are No Symptoms, In Some Cases Its Speed Is 7 To 12 Times Faster Than Delta

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In two research conducted in South Africa, scientists have revealed the reason for the rapid spread of a new variant of the corona, Omicron. According to him, people who do not have any symptoms of Omicron are at higher risk of spreading the infection. In some cases, this risk is 7 to 12 times higher than other variants of the corona.

Corona positivity rate found in first research 31%

In the first research, scientists found that most of the people found corona positive in South Africa in December had no symptoms of the virus. Such cases were much higher than the previous corona waves.

This research was done to test the effect of Moderna Company’s corona vaccine on HIV patients. Of the 230 people involved in the research, 31 percent turned out to be corona positive. In the genome sequencing of these samples, 56 cases were found from Omicron. According to scientists, in the previous variants of the corona, the asymptomatic (without symptoms) transmission rate was only from 1 to 2.6 percent. This is 7 to 12 times less than Omicron’s asymptotic transmission rate.

Despite getting the vaccine, Omicron’s career can become

The second research was done to test the effect of Johnson & Johnson’s corona vaccine. The scientists found that while the asymptomatic transmission rate was 2.6 percent during the beta and delta variants, it increased to 16 percent during Omicron.

This research included 577 people who had been vaccinated against corona. Scientists say that despite getting the vaccine, these people got omicron and they became carriers of the variant. If the symptoms are not detected, the risk of spreading the infection in the population has increased significantly.

No symptoms of infection, so what to do?

Scientists say that most people in Omicron’s wave are not experiencing symptoms. In such a situation, even if you have an infection, you will not know. In this situation, the only way to avoid corona is to wear a mask, wash hands, avoid crowding and get a vaccine or booster dose.

In the last week of November in South Africa, there was a sharp jump in the cases of corona. On November 24, the country informed the world about the first case of Omicron. However, now the new cases of Omicron have come down here and it is believed that the corona wave caused by the new variant is not as deadly as the previous variants.

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