From Canada To India, Hindi Speakers From 75 Countries Connect on Micro-Blogging Platform - Koo

From Canada To India, Hindi Speakers From 75 Countries Connect on Micro-Blogging Platform – Koo

New Delhi: Hindi is the third most spoken language, globally, with over 615 million speakers. However, on English-centric social media platforms, Hindi hardly finds space where native speakers can get together, express themselves, connect and celebrate events and milestones that are relevant to their communities and culture. This leaves out a vast majority of internet-savvy Hindi speakers from the realm of online expression.

Now, a made-in-India micro-blogging platform – Koo – has created the opportunity for Hindi speakers from across 75 countries to express themselves in Hindi in the online space, and engage with other speakers of the language. Hindi speakers from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Nigeria, UAE, Algeria, Nepal, Iran, and India, in addition to 65 others, regularly connect and interact with one another in their native language on the platform, as well as celebrate festivals and events unique to their community. Hindi is the most dominant language on the multi-lingual platform, which enables online expression in 10 languages. The Koo App, which recently registered 20 million downloads, has 7.6 million Hindi speakers on the platform, who share their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics like poetry, literature, politics, sports, entertainment, and spirituality.

Since its inception in March 2020, the Koo App has been actively democratizing the voice of internet users by enabling them to come online and express themselves in their mother tongue. Hindi speakers from all walks of life including professionals, politicians, sportspersons, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, writers, poets, students, teachers, celebrities, and journalists actively leverage the platform’s innovative features to Koo in Hindi and interact with their followers. Uttar Pradesh and its capital city of Lucknow have the maximum number of Hindi users on the platform – which is poised to attain the milestone of 100 million downloads in the next year.

Today, Koo is the preferred social media platform for Hindi speakers across the world and an integral part of people’s digital lives. Going ahead, the platform will introduce many more smart features to further empower users and provide them with an immersive language experience.


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