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Flat Nipples: Situations in which the mother is unable to feed the baby

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  • Flat Or Inverted Nipples : Mother’s Milk Is The Initial Food Of A Newborn. In This Way All The Needs Of The Child’s Body Are Fulfilled. If In The Midst Of All This

5 minutes agoAuthor: Shweta Kumari

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Mother’s milk is the initial food of a newborn. This fulfills all the needs of the child’s body. In the midst of all this, if the child has trouble in drinking milk, then not only the child is affected, but the mother is also unhappy. By the way, there can be many such reasons, due to which the child cannot get breast milk. But even if both of them are healthy, if such a situation comes, then many times it is also seen due to flat nipples. What is this problem and how both mother and child are affected by it, Dr. Sarika Gupta, Senior Gynecologist and Oncologist, Apollo Hospital and Dr. Sonia, Alternative Medicine Expert of Shri Vaidya Ayurved Panchakarma Hospital.

What is a flat nipple?

Usually the shape of the nipple is such that the baby does not have any problem in breast feeding. But the problem of flat or inverted nipple is seen in many women. Answering why this happens, Dr. Gupta says that there is no concrete reason for this. Some may have this problem from the mother’s womb itself, while in some cases it is seen that it happens during hormonal changes or physical development. It is not detected in childhood, but it can be identified during puberty. If a doctor is consulted for this in time, then flat or inverted nipples can be avoided.

This is the expert's opinion on flat nipples.

This is the expert’s opinion on flat nipples.

Dr. Sonia says that this problem occurs in large numbers in women, but due to negligence, it is detected during or after pregnancy. However, there is no problem in taking treatment from the doctor for the rest of the time, but if a woman comes to know that she has flat nipples during pregnancy, then there is a need to proceed according to the advice of the expert. According to him, there are four types of nipples.

  • normal nipple – They are normal and are suitable for feeding a baby,
  • flat nipple – In this, the nipples are flat, due to which the baby has trouble drinking milk.
  • inverted nipple – In this, the nipples are turned inwards, making it difficult for the baby to drink milk.
  • Unilateral nipple – When one nipple is flat and the other is normal, it is called a unilateral nipple.

What are the remedies for flat nipples?

breast shells – These plastic shells are fitted inside the bra. Gradually, pressure has to be given on it. According to doctors, with its regular use, flat or inverted nipples start emerging upwards. Please consult your doctor before using it.

breast suction This is a kind of pump, with the help of which the nipple is taken out. These are also easily available online, but without talking to the expert about its knowledge and need, avoid using it.

Syringe Sucking Method – In this therapy, a syringe is placed on the nipple and pulled forward from the mouth. This method also proves effective in correcting flat or inverted nipples.

oil bath – Flat nipple problem is also cured through this treatment in Ayurveda. If you think of any such treatment, then definitely take the advice of Ayurvedacharya.

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