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Exercise without cost: These 3 household chores will keep weight under control and stress at the time of Kovid

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Due to Kovid and Omicron, people are locked in their homes. For fear of infection, going to the park or gym has stopped. In such a situation, the focus on fitness has reduced. This is the reason why the problem of obesity is increasing. According to the World Health Organization, 39 million children under 5 years of age were overweight or obese worldwide in 2020 due to poor diet and lack of exercise. This obesity can also be avoided by doing some small household chores.
What is expert opinion
Yoga expert Bholi Parihar of Innocence Yoga says that by doing household chores like broom, mop, grinding chutney on cobwebs, weight is also reduced as well as stress remains away. By doing these things, there is flexibility in the joints. There is energy in the body. By doing the broom, there is flexibility in the hip, which does not cause problems like back pain.

Broom-wiping is the best exercise.  This burns a lot of calories.

Broom-wiping is the best exercise. This burns a lot of calories.

Big benefits come from these small household chores

Stomach fat will be reduced by sweeping
Gyms are closed due to Kovid, so you can keep your weight under control by doing small household chores at home. Broom-wiping is a daily chore. By applying wiping, the abdominal muscles are pressed and the belly fat is reduced. Also, sitting and mopping burns the same number of calories as exercising in the gym. By bending the broom, both the waist and the stomach are also exercised. In this way, along with cleanliness, calories can be controlled and you can remain stress free.
Hands will be strong by grinding chutney on the cob
Although, these days, after the introduction of mixer grinder in every house, the cobweb has disappeared, but do you know that grinding spices on the cobweb exercises all three hands, waist and stomach. At the same time, the taste of the food also increases. Women who grind masala on cobwebs, their stomach does not come out and the body looks shapely.

Washing clothes while sitting reduces belly fat.

Washing clothes while sitting reduces belly fat.

Benefits of washing clothes and utensils
Washing clothes by sitting instead of washing machine gives good exercise from hands to whole body. Because our hands are used to rub clothes again and again. Also, washing dishes increases concentration. By working while sitting, the waist, abdomen and arms are exercised.
These are all such exercises that you can easily do sitting at home, as well as keep yourself fit. You do not need to spend thousands of rupees to do these exercises, you just have to concentrate a little.

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