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Do Mann Ki Baat by paying: Friends are available on rent for traveling, party celebrations and meeting attendees

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  • Friends Are Available For Rent For Travel, Party Celebrations And Meeting Attendance

New Delhi4 minutes ago

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Forget all the definitions of family or friends you may have heard or read. These days the market has dominated on friendship. In cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Pune, Bangalore and Ahmedabad, rental friends are being made available targeting the people leading a lonely life, especially the elderly and youth. People also hire to attend meetings apart from simple things like traveling with them through websites and companies, eating food, sharing birthday cakes. One reason for this is also that some people feel lonely, some people are shy to go out alone, so they hire new friends.

Serious problems arising from loneliness
Although loneliness is just a word to say, people do not take it seriously, but suicide is the third biggest cause of death of youth around the world. The biggest reason for this is loneliness. In such a situation, due to the deteriorating conditions, various countries have now started taking it seriously. According to WHO, more than 200 million people in India are suffering from mental illnesses including depression. At the same time, according to another report, 42% of the employees are suffering from depression and anxiety.

In such a situation, just as you can rent a flat, car or dress in different ways, similarly friends are being provided in different ranges. You can invite friends over for dinner or to go to the movie theater. Booking is done on day to day basis through AjiCare, Rentafriend.com, findfriends.com. At the same time, there are many such organizations of youth, who are ahead to take care of the elderly.

Just as flats, vehicles or dresses can be rented in different ways, friends are available in different ranges.

Just as flats, vehicles or dresses can be rented in different ways, friends are available in different ranges.

Friends are being rented for these activities too
For Gym, Business Events, Baking & Cooking, Playing Sports, Park Walk, Photography, Walking, Dinner, Biking, Long Drives and Picnics.

Standing like a child, standing with the elderly
Shivang Dwivedi of Health Care Nursing says that many people are living abroad away from their parents. These children are concerned about their old parents, but due to professional compulsions, they cannot serve them by staying together. Health care nursing is working as a link between such elderly people and their children living far away. Many care counselors take care of hundreds of elderly people in different cities of the country just like their family members.

Especially during the second wave of Corona, when the confidence of the elderly living alone amidst the daily shocking news starts to break. Even in that era, the care counselor was seen standing with him as a support just like his own children. Do not know when a doctor, ambulance or hospital is needed, in such a situation many people had booked a care counselor.

Care counselors stand by the elderly people as a support just like their children.

Care counselors stand by the elderly people as a support just like their children.

Care counselor is no less than daughter for Hemlata
72-year-old Hemlata, who lives in Delhi, says, “Both my children live abroad. This time she was very happy on her 72nd birthday. Because for the first time I was not alone. Care counselor Ritika was with me. Celebrated the birthday by lighting lamps and feeding sweets in all Indian ways. Even during the Corona period, this mouth-spoken daughter helped a lot.

hourly fare
Avinash Singh of Delhi, associated with a website, says that you also have to pay for spending time with a rented friend. This is not a dating website, but its services are given for friendly activities. 500 rupees will have to be paid for an hour. The rent depends on whether you are taking a friend out for dinner or a movie. In addition to the rental, many websites also charge an initial membership fee of 1500 to 2 thousand rupees.

Keep these things in mind before hiring
Cyber ​​expert Vivek Tiwari says that many incidents have also come to the fore regarding online friends. Due to the lack of proper verification of the members associated with the website, the risk of risk is 100%. At the same time, in addition to taking care of the nursing care provider, it is necessary to have affinity towards the patient. In case of any doubt, call or meet with others and make necessary inquiries.

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