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Cyberbullying sites running openly: steal photos from Instagram, do obscenity, girls are only bothered for action from reporting

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  • Steal Photos From Instagram, Do Obscenity, Girls Are Only Worried About Reporting To Action

New Delhi4 minutes agoWriter: Sunakshi Gupta

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At this time in every newspaper, news channel and news app in the country, you will be hearing the same name ‘Bully Bai’. This is a site where photos of Muslim women were tampered with and bid for them. The site also used to share such photos on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, using their photos without the permission of women, so that girls could be maligned. At present, the mastermind who runs this site is in the custody of the police. That too when this matter has become very much discussed across the country, but do you know how difficult it is for a common girl to deal with cybercriminals. Especially when it comes to catching cybercriminals in India, there is no proper system for filing complaints and arresting criminals.

The team of Bhaskar Woman interacted with the victim of cyber bullying to know what trauma she goes through and how many days she can get justice if she raises her voice against it. Read in the next report, what is the opinion of cyber experts on the law of the country regarding cyber bullying.

‘Hackers had put the photo on the dating site, was in trauma for several months after reading lewd comments’
Shikha (name changed), who works in an airline as an air hostess, says that in early 2020, after being told by her friend, it was found that all the photos uploaded on her social media account were being used on a dating site. On this site, a girl’s photo was put on one side and on the other side a boy’s photo was written that if you want to be friends with them, then contact on the number given here.
Shikha says that every photo of her Instagram page was used by hackers. Although those photos were not tampered with, but my identity was being played with without my consent and that dating site was increasing its number of followers in this way. I did not like this at all, after all how can someone use photos without my consent, but what happened after this incident was more disturbing to me.

My friends used to ask me if you were on that dating site and every time I had to explain as if it was all my fault. Even while looking for me from that dating site, some people had reached the message box of my social media account and used to come there and make lewd comments and messages. Seeing this, I was in trauma for several days, at one point I had to close all my social media accounts so that this cycle could end.

Not only did Shikha become a victim of such a dating site, but all her female friends’ photos were also being used openly on the dating site. That’s why all the girls first filed a complaint on Instagram. Even photos of married women were put up on the site.

Women go into trauma due to cyber bullying.  They get frustrated if the complaint is not heard.

Women go into trauma due to cyber bullying. They get frustrated if the complaint is not heard.

Police complaint, waiting for the culprit to be caught for two years
Shikha says that as soon as this incident happened, she first told the family members about it. With the help of the parents, lodged a complaint with the Cyber ​​Police Station of Delhi, because at that time the name of the culprit was not known, then only by giving a written complaint in the name of the website, but the police did not immediately register an FIR in this case. After a few days, when more girls came here to complain, then an FIR was registered. Now two years have passed since this too but till date the culprit has not been caught.

Now after all this, Shikha says that she is back in her life, although she still does not know how many dating sites will still be using her photos, as she has no way of checking it. Nor did they get any justice till today after complaining.

This is how women can complain about cyberbullying
Talking on the subject of online bullying, Anuj Agarwal, chairman, Center for Research on Cyber ​​Crime and Cyber ​​Law, said that if a woman is being exploited online, then she has these methods to complain.
1 – You can report on the social media platform on which the objectionable photo has been uploaded.
2 – National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal https://cybercrime.gov.in You can file a complaint online. Once the complaint is registered online, it is sent to the local police station for further action as per the address of the woman.
3- The woman herself can reach her nearest police station and lodge a complaint in the women’s cell, or she can also get the complaint written in the women’s police station of the district.

Cyber ​​cell deals with financial fraud cases most of the time, separate laws made to prevent female bullying.  Cyber ​​Expert Anuj Aggarwal

Cyber ​​cell deals with financial fraud cases most of the time, separate laws made to prevent female bullying. Cyber ​​Expert Anuj Aggarwal

If there is a problem in the system of the government itself, how will it be tackled?
At present, in the system that is in place, no attention is being paid to prevent cyber crime against women. This is the reason why sites like Bully Buys and Sully Deals are openly operating. Cyber ​​expert Anuj Aggarwal says that it is very important to work at two to three levels to stop online bullying.

1- Make it easier to file a complaint Women who are being harassed by hackers, they can complain to the women helpline for them. The operator posted on the women helpline of all the states should report the complaint related to cyberbullying and cyber exploitation of women. This will make the process of filing complaints easier for women.

2 – Police should work seriously on cyber complaints Even if a woman dares to file a complaint once, but her problem does not end there, because the police do not take immediate action on her complaint. If the woman gives a written complaint to the police station, then the police first investigates whether the complaint is true or not. At the same time, while registering the FIR, they ask the woman what is the name of the culprit, while most of the women are not aware of it. In such a situation, the police can also register an FIR in the name of an unknown person, but if the complainant does not know about this, then the police many times take advantage of this and send the woman back.

Talking about cyber cell, most of the time he concentrates on solving the case of financial fraud. Cyber ​​crimes against women are not included in their priority list. This is the reason why the woman leaves after complaining and the police are unable to find out even the IP address of the criminal for years.

3 – Law should be strict on cyber bullying If we talk about cyber law in today’s time, there is only one or two sections for the safety of women, all of them get bail easily, so criminals are not afraid of it. In very few cases the guilty are caught and serve the sentence.

At present, under section 354D, if a person does stocking of a woman through any online medium, then a case will be registered against him under this section. Whether that person is communicating through e-mail, internet or any electronic form, he will be classified as an offence. This can result in imprisonment of up to five years. Second, under section 509 of the IPC, if any person is causing a woman to feel insulted by his words, gestures or actions, then action will be taken against him. Women can also file a complaint under section 67 of the IT Act if someone is publishing obscene content on an online platform. In this, the accused faces a jail term of three years and a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh.

The government can get these laws to be strictly followed, as well as bring a separate law against cyberbullying, this can bring a lot of relief to women. Along with this, cybercrime can also be curbed.

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