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Conversation: Singer Javed Ali said – 5 singers were being discussed for the Hindi version of the song ‘Shrivalli’ from ‘Pushpa’

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In Bollywood and Hindi speaking states these days instead of any Bollywood star, Telugu Superstar Allu Arjun is making a splash. Ever since the release of ‘Pushpa: The Rise’, a case study is being done on the discussion and success of this film. The Hindi version of the film has also earned more than 80 crores at the box office. The songs of the film have also impressed the audience a lot. Along with ‘Sami Sami’, its ‘Srivalli’ song is also becoming very famous. The Hindi version of ‘Shrivalli’ is sung by Javed Ali. Javed Ali has shared special things about the making of the song with Dainik Bhaskar.

Gaya To Tha Ilaiya Raja’s Song
Javed said, the music of this song has been composed by Devi Sriprasad. We both already know each other. However, last year I went to Chennai for Ilaiya Raja ji’s song work. Ilaiya Raja had called me to sing at the first time. At the same time I got a call from DSP i.e. Devi Shri Prasad ji. He said that he has to sing ‘Srivalli’ for himself. How can we. I told him that I am coming to Chennai. DSP is also a big fan of Ilaiya Raja.

The song was recorded in Chennai in two and a half hours.
Javed further explains, I reached Chennai, stayed in Taj Hotel and rested for a day. Was waiting the next day when Ilaiya ji’s call would come. However, Ilaiya Raja ji’s call did not come that day. In the mean time DSP called me again and asked you to come to us. Record and dub ‘Srivalli’. If Ilaiya ji’s call came even in the middle of the recording, then you go there. I got it right, I went to the DSP. The entire song was recorded in about two to two and a half hours. Now it has become so popular that it has made five lakh reels on social media.

Poetry, meaning, everything in the song
Javed Ali liked the wording of the song. He said, this song was amazing. Earlier last year also I did another Telugu song for him. Although he did not come in Hindi. He had decided to bring ‘Srivalli’ in Hindi. This song also has Urdu alphabets. Like ‘Teri Jhalak Ashrafi Shrivalli’ ‘Naina Matak Barfi’, ‘Poshida’ etc. I sang it a bit stylized. Did not maintain normal tone or tone. Carry an attitude. Well recorded the song.

Here, Ilaiya Raja ji’s call did not come that whole day. That’s good. His phone rang in the night. The next day I was completely relaxed again. Then did a song for Ilaiya ji. The next day he sang the song ‘Srivalli’ again. This time I sang in a different texture. They say that it is written on the songs and not that the name of the singer. So the discussion was going on in the name of five singers to sing it. In the end, the DSP said that only Javed would sing it.

Record also happened with Sridevi Word
Javed says, I have not seen the film yet. Although Srivalli is probably the name of the character. The DSP said during the dubbing that ‘Shrivalli’ in Hindi will not sound a bit South Indian. So instead of Srivalli, the word ‘Sridevi’ was replaced. However, later ‘Srivalli’ was retained in Hindi as well.

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