China’s cruelty ‘snatched’ woman’s life: hope of meeting jailed husband incomplete, appealed to Jinping for release

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  • China’s Cruelty Snatched Woman’s Life: Jailed Human Rights Lawyer’s Wife Had To Flee To America, Died Of Cancer

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The wife of a Chinese human rights lawyer has died in the US due to cancer. 55-year-old Zhang Qing went to America in 2009 due to the torture of China. From there she had been appealing to the Xi Jinping government of China for the independence of her husband Yang Maodang, but China rejected her appeal every time. Qing left this world on Monday with the hope of meeting her husband and living life together.

Husband sent to jail repeatedly after implicating him in a false case of corruption
The Chinese government repeatedly implicated Qing’s husband on false charges of corruption and sent him to prison. Whereas, Qing’s husband himself uncovered a case of corruption. The Chinese government has been suppressing people who talk about human rights in the past. Her husband has been accused of corruption in a village.

President Xi Jinping is believed to be trying to eliminate his opponents through an anti-corruption campaign.

President Xi Jinping is believed to be trying to eliminate his opponents through an anti-corruption campaign.

Government eliminating opponents on the pretext of anti-corruption campaign
The Jinping government has been known for its anti-corruption campaign. It is believed that through this campaign, Jinping is trying to eliminate his opponents. Big leaders of the ruling Communist Party have been put behind bars under this campaign. Jinping is suppressing every voice that can challenge him.
Wanted to go to meet wife at the last moment, but did not get approval
Human Rights Watch, a New York-based organization, has said that Zhang died as a result of advanced colon cancer. He was admitted to the hospital, but could not be saved. The woman’s husband Yang had written an open letter to the Chinese government in January last year, appealing for the wife’s treatment and sought permission to visit the wife outside the country. However, the Chinese government turned down his appeal.

Qing’s husband exposed the game of selling land illegally
Also known by his surname Guo Fexiong, Yang is a writer and lawyer. He helped organize residents of a village in the south of China against a local Communist Party leader in 2006. This leader of the Communist Party is accused of illegally selling village lands. No one has any information about where Yang is currently imprisoned. Qing also had not been able to contact her husband for several months.

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