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Celebrity Style: Learn Smart Tricks Of Timeless Fashion From Vidya Balan, Here’s How To Wear Fashionable Clothes For Less Money

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  • Learn Smart Tricks Of Timeless Fashion From Vidya Balan, This Is The Skill Of Wearing Fashionable Clothes For Less Money

3 minutes agoAuthor: Kamala Badoni

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The lockdown has changed people’s eating habits as well as their shopping habits. Now people have started investing in such things, which make them feel value for money. Fashion designer Shruti Sancheti shares smart tricks to buy affordable clothes for less money.

Photo Courtesy: Shruti Sancheti

Photo Courtesy: Shruti Sancheti

The trend of timeless outfits increased

Now people’s thinking about fashion is changing. Fashion designer Shruti Sancheti says, “Nowadays people like to spend money on timeless outfits. Such clothes that they can wear for years and their fashion is never out of date, like Banarasi, Kanjeevaram, Chikankari, brocade fabric. Now the demand for sustainable and timeless fashion is increasing, people’s inclination towards traditional and handloom fashion is increasing. People are now also understanding their responsibility towards nature, they are no longer buying such clothes, which harm nature. Organic fabrics like mal, cotton, pure silk are being preferred more. This year the designers are emphasizing on ‘feelgood fashion’ by using soft colours, delicate embroidery, lace and layers to make people feel comfortable wearing them.”

Photo Courtesy: Shruti Sancheti

Photo Courtesy: Shruti Sancheti

Learn Smart Fashion Tricks From Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan is one such actress who carries traditional fashion and handloom very beautifully. You too can learn the tricks of timeless fashion from him.

Vidya Balan often wears traditional saris like Banarasi, Kanjeevaram in special events and her look is very much liked. Many women follow Vidya Balan’s style. You should also keep such timeless sarees in your collection, you can wear them anytime, because their fashion is never outdated. If you want, you can get a new look without spending money by wearing Mummy’s saree with a modern blouse and trendy jewellery.

Vidya Balan’s jewelery collection is also very good, she makes simple clothes special with beautiful jewellery.

Nowadays the fashion of wearing traditional jewelery with western outfits is becoming popular. You can also try this combination. You can create a fusion look for free by pairing traditional jewelery with modern outfits from your jewelery collection.

Denim is always in fashion, so keep a denim shirt and jacket in your collection. You can get a smart look by wearing fusion jewelery with denims like Vidya Balan.

Nowadays long jackets are in fashion, you can create a new look by wearing them with dress, lehenga, saree, jeans and top.

(Pictures of actress Vidya Balan are taken from Instagram)

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