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Bollywood beauties also like: work from home video calling or family function, wear kaftan

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  • Even Bollywood Actress Loves This Dress : Whether It Is Work From Home’s Office Video Calling Or Family Function, Wear Kaftan

3 minutes agoAuthor: Shweta Kumari

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The style statement of people has changed in the last two years. In the changing fashion trends, now a lot of care is taken that the clothes should be stylish and designer as well as comfortable. In the midst of all this, the kaftan is the most liked outfit among the women in the fashion industry. There is no need to look at the weather or the occasion to wear it. So much variety has come in this one outfit that you can choose a kaftan for every occasion, whether it is a digital party at the office or the occasion of worship at home. Designer Shilpi Ahuja, who has designed many varieties of kaftans, is giving special information related to this.

How did Kaftan start?

The trend of this dress is in full swing today, but you will be surprised to know that its trend is thousands of years old. The kaftan was worn in Mesopotamia (today’s Syria, Iraq and Turkey), which later gained worldwide recognition. It has been worn as a royal dress. In many countries men also liked to wear it. Since its inception, it has undergone all kinds of experiments, after which today it is present in many fabrics and it is designed using different fabrics keeping in view every season.

Shilpi says that Kaftan is being liked by women of every age group.

Shilpi says that Kaftan is being liked by women of every age group.

Why should you try Kaftan?

Shilpi says that kaftans are very comfortable to wear. Kaftans are made in silk, cotton, rayon, velvet, chiffon, georgette and satin fabrics, so they can be worn in any season. Silk and velvet fabric kaftans can be worn in winter, similarly chiffon and cotton are considered better options for summers. She further adds that the trend of kaftan among females is also popular because almost every Bollywood actress has included it in their wardrobes. Kareena Kapoor Khan has appeared in kaftans many times during pregnancy. Apart from them, actresses like Dia Mirza, Jhanvi Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Malaika Arora, Nora Fatehi have appeared in this dress.

These kaftan patterns are by designer Shilpi Ahuja.

These kaftan patterns are by designer Shilpi Ahuja.

Do not make these mistakes while wearing kaftan

  • Many women make the mistake of wearing a heel long kaftan with pants or palazzo. Do not do this, because kaftans are worn as one piece only.
  • If the body is full, then choose a deep neck kaftan, which will make your body weight look less.
  • If the length of the kaftan dress is up to the knees, then wear it with a leather belt.
  • If you want to wear it for sangeet, haldi or mehndi function in cold weather, then choose velvet or silk fabric only.

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