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Ayurvedic Lifestyle: Eat White-Black Sesame On Makar Sankranti, Periods- Menopause And Skin Problem Will Be A Holiday

New Delhi2 minutes agoWriter: Nisha Sinha

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  • Menopause women were given to eat after chewing sesame seeds for five weeks.
  • As a result, improvement in hemoglobin, hormones and skin was found in all these women.

You must have seen a lot of use of sesame in Dhokla, Patra, Muthia, Burger. Apart from this, sometimes white and black sesame are also used to enhance the beauty of food.

For centuries, in our tradition, there is a trend of eating sesame seeds, tilkut, revdi, chikki on cold days. In the winter season, it keeps the body warm and increases immunity. Sesame and its oil are best for skin, teeth, brain, muscles and bones.

6 uses of sesame are mentioned in the scriptures
In the scriptures, sesame has been asked to be used in 6 ways. Taking a bath with sesame water, grinding sesame and applying its paste on the whole body, keeping sesame in the fire, offering it to the ancestors of heaven, consuming it in food and donating it. In Ayurveda, sesame is considered to have smooth properties. Its taste is hot. It is heavy to digest, so it is not right to eat more of it.

best friend of women sesame
It is very beneficial for hair and skin nutrition. Strengthens the roots of hair and teeth. It also keeps the gums healthy. After grinding sesame and mixing a pinch of turmeric in it, applying it on the skin will remove pimples. Black spots also get removed by applying it.

In winter, chewing one teaspoon of black sesame seeds daily will give strength to the body. In case of irregular menstruation, take 4-4 spoons with jaggery in the morning and evening. Chew it and eat it. After menopause, most women struggle with the problem of osteoporosis (bone disease).

It is rich in calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin D. This is the reason that after the age of 45, when the bones of women start getting weak, then chewing 2-4 spoons of black sesame with jaggery will end such problems.

Mouth is a wonderful mouthpiece
There are many benefits of using it as a mouthwash. For this, roast sesame seeds in a pan, add salt and turmeric according to the quantity and taste. Taking food after eating food will be digested and the mouth will also remain clean.

It does not contain cholesterol. The amount of carbohydrates, sodium and sugar is also negligible. It can be eaten by using it in any dish as there are 650 calories inside 100 grams of sesame, so take advantage of its nutrition without worrying about obesity.

Also effective in Piles and TB
People who have problem of piles, chew black or white sesame with butter or jaggery early in the morning. It will clean the stomach easily, the pain will also be less and the bleeding will also stop.

When the body of TB patients becomes very weak, give them jaggery with black sesame seeds. It can be given two or three times a day. TB patients will get strength and weight will also increase with the calcium, phosphorus and iron present in it.

Will uproot the joint pain
If there is joint pain in winter, then heat sesame oil lightly. Mixing a pinch of turmeric in it and massaging the knees will give relief. By applying it on the wound, the wound heals quickly. In diabetes, you have to go for urine again and again. It also causes weakness in the body. Apart from this, chewing sesame seeds in such a situation will also benefit.

If the child wets the bed at night after the age of five, then chew sesame seeds and give it to eat. Take special care that in case of diabetes and bed-wetting, jaggery with sesame should not be given at all. In Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and memory loss, eat two teaspoons of black or white sesame with one-fourth teaspoon of jaggery and drink water. This will benefit.

Perfect treatment for the problem of PCOD
The problem of ‘PCOD’ or ‘PCOS’ is very common in adolescent girls or young women. There are also problems with irregular menstrual cycles. In these situations, heat 2 teaspoons sesame lightly for a minute or two and take it with plain jaggery on an empty stomach every morning. Taking this way for a month will be beneficial.

If the husband and wife planning a baby eat it for a few months, then the results will be good. It improves ovulation in women and sperm count in men. The wish of the couple’s heart will be fulfilled.

It is also necessary to talk about jaggery with sesame.
Jaggery contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, protein and iron. It reduces body fatigue and purifies the body. It increases the level of blood in the body. Jaggery older than one year is considered good. Use new jaggery only till winter. Eating jaggery and sesame is beneficial in anemia.

Makar Sankranti is incomplete without this sweetness
Makar Sankranti is considered incomplete without sesame seeds and jaggery. There is a saying in Maharashtra, Til jaggery ghya and God God bola. It means eat sesame and jaggery and speak sweetly. Sweets made from jaggery and sesame have a longer shelf life. Going to the gym, eat sesame and jaggery chikki, it will be good. This is true for the muscles. It is low in calories and high in fiber. It does not always cause hunger.

Thyroid causes hair fall and hair loss in women, in such a situation, try eating sesame and jaggery, you will see amazing benefits. Due to periods, many girls have to see problems like frequent fever, body breakdown, backache. Eating sesame and jaggery in this will also be beneficial.

What is the difference between black and white sesame
Although black and white sesame are the same, but still black sesame is considered good in comparison. Black sesame has more anti-oxidant properties. The amount of vitamin A, E and protein in it is more than that of white sesame. When there is a complaint of gas and constipation in the stomach, then eat the combination of sesame and jaggery, it will be beneficial.

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