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Allegations of selling tickets on Priyanka’s team: Poster girl of ‘Girl Hoon’ campaign was cut, said – was asking for money, Congress is engaged in recovery

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  • The Poster Girl Of The ‘Girl Hoon’ Campaign Was Cut Off, Said Was Asking For Money, Congress Is Engaged In Recovery

LucknowA minute ago

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi’s team has been accused of selling tickets for the UP assembly elections. And no one else has made this allegation, the poster girl of the campaign ‘I am a girl, can fight’. Priyanka Gandhi’s election campaign, which was in the headlines by making special announcements for women, is again in the news after this allegation.

The woman standing in the front row of Priyanka’s campaign poster got left behind in the ticket race. The reason given is that she could not pay the money to buy the ticket. Dr. Priyanka Maurya, the poster girl of Congress’s Shakti Vidhan Mahila Manifesto, has alleged that her ticket from Lucknow’s Sarojininagar assembly seat was given to Rudra Daman Singh due to her inability to pay the bribe.

Dr. Priyanka Maurya said that the bribe amount was not demanded by anyone but Priyanka Gandhi’s secretary Sandeep Singh. Let us tell you that Sandeep has been making a special strategy for Priyanka and Rahul.

Dr. Priyanka Maurya, who was involved in Priyanka Gandhi’s campaign, has alleged that due to non-payment of money, her ticket was cut from Sarojininagar seat.

Poster girl is out of election race

Dr. Priyanka Maurya has been an active worker of UP Congress. She was presenting ticket claim from Lucknow’s Sarojininagar seat. She was also an important character of Priyanka Gandhi’s Ladki Hoon, Fight Hoon campaign. Not only this, Priyanka Maurya was also its poster girl, which Congress released with the title Shakti Vidhan. His name was prominent in the local political circles. There were speculations that he would be given a ticket from here.

Priyanka was fully prepared, name cut from the first list
Priyanka’s team on Thursday released the first list of candidates for 125 seats. As promised, 40 per cent women have been included in this. The name of Rudra Daman Singh was finalized from the seat from where Priyanka Maurya was preparing to contest the election. Hours after the release of the list, Dr. Priyanka Maurya tweeted from her Twitter handle alleging ticket bargaining in the Congress party. He has written that Priyanka Gandhi’s secretary Sandeep Singh had made him call someone for money in lieu of ticket. If the money is not paid, someone else has been given a ticket in his place.

Recovery made in the name of gathering crowd in marathon
Annoyed by the ticket being cut, Dr. Priyanka Maurya alleges that Congress is making recovery under the guise of advancing women and youth. He says that first I am a girl, I can fight, recovery was done in the name of gathering crowd in marathon. After this, a demand for money was made on Priyanka Gandhi’s birthday. When he submitted his claim to contest the election, money was demanded for the ticket. He claims that he has strong evidence for every allegation, which will soon be made public. In response to these allegations, Congress spokesperson Ashok Singh says that he has not got a ticket, so false allegations are being made.

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