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85 year old retired engineer cheated in love: I am from Italy, 2 million throbs, bid – the heart will be happy with the gift

Jaipur4 minutes ago

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An 85-year-old man found it very expensive to fall in love online. Dalip Singh, a resident of Jaipur, is a retired engineer. The woman, who claims to be from Italy, cheated her money in the name of courier charges and different fees, saying that she would send expensive gifts. As soon as the matter came to light, the police registered a case and started investigation.

Woman pretends to send gifts worth crores of rupees

The retired officer had a friendship with a woman from Italy a few months back. The friendship between the two increased so much that the two started talking on the phone. Taking advantage of this, the woman pretended to send gifts worth crores of rupees. Retired officers also fell in love.

Sodala police station officer Satpal Singh said that retired Chief Engineer Dalip Singh, resident of Achrol House Colony, told that some time ago he had a friendship with Italian woman Annalisa Thomson on social media. After this, a conversation started between the two through chat. The friendship between the two increased so much that a female friend of Italy expressed her desire to visit India. After this the woman told that she has valuables worth crores of rupees. In the conversation, she told that she is sending a gift worth crores of rupees to them, which will make her happy. The woman also gave the pretext of sending a gift in August 2021.

The woman’s companions were also involved in this fraud.

Many of the woman’s accomplices were also involved in this whole fraud. In August 2021, Dalip Singh got a call, in which a young man introduced himself as a customs officer. Referring to the gift from Italy, he was asked to courier on payment of customs duty. On this, he deposited some money at the behest of the young man. After a few days, the call came again and told about the security amount, processing fee and various charges and told to give money. In such a situation, about 20 lakh rupees were cheated in 8 times.

Called again two days ago, the courier asked for money to deliver

Called again two days ago, the courier asked for money to deliver. When the retired officer got suspicious, the social media account was searched. It turned out that he had been cheated. The victim reached Sodala police station and registered a case of cheating. At present, the police have registered a case and are engaged in investigation. The police is also collecting information whether the woman calling from Italy was from Italy or from somewhere else.

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